Langkloof is a 4500 hectare game farm situated in the prestine Waterberg region outside Bela Bela in Limpopo, South Africa and was born from one family’s love of animals and nature. Langkloof Game farm was originally purchased by Braam and Lilanie Viljoen in early 2000. The farm underwent drastic rehabilitation and development throughtout its crucial growing period in order to be the beautiful farm that it is now.

At Langkloof, we breed for more than just financial gain; striving to do our part for nature conservation and breeding quality animals with excellent bloodlines.

Langkloof boasts with a wide variety of habitats and scenery. Perennial streams feed a number of dams, providing an interesting wetland that attracts a variety of waterbirds. Game is easily viewed on the wide open savannah plains amidst the dense bush and rocky outcrops. On the northern side of the farm, a densely vegetated elephant-shaped mountain overlooks an endless panorama of mountains and valleys.
Rocky ledges and beautiful seasonal waterfalls line the ridges of the mountain.

There are over 40 mammal species (large and small) to be found on the farm. These include giraffe, zebra, kudu, eland, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, bushbuck, blesbuck, mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, klipspringer, duiker, steenbok, impala, bush pig, and warthog. Predators such as leopard, brown hyena, genet, civet, black-backed jackal, caracal, and African wildcat are occasionally sighted. The elusive aardvark, pangolin, and honey badger also occur in the area.
Langkloof also boasts a wonderful selection of over 200 bird species. These include raptors such as snake eagles, buzzards as well as numerous different kingfishers, hornbills, and sunbirds.
Do bring cameras, binoculars and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Remember that although the climate at Langkloof is warm year-round mornings and evenings spent at the back of an open-air vehicle can be chilly. Bring a hat, fleece or jumper if appropriate.