Bird Watching

View a number of birds at your leisure in their unspoilt natural habitat and if you lucky you may even see a number of vultures flying over the farm. The farm has a number of dams thus attracting a number of water birds. Here are just some of the birds that have been identified on the farm: Laughing dove (rooiborsduifie), redchested cuckoo, blue valcon , goldentailed woodpecker, marico flycatcher, tawnyflanked prinia, striped cuckoo, diederik, indian sparrow, pintailed Whydah, ducky lark and the white-browed sparrow-weaver


Langkloof offers a very unique hunting experience. Our hunting season stretches from 1 April till 30 August. Please contact us for an experience of a lifetime.
Please contact us to book your exclusive hunt!

Game Drives

Game drives are conducted by an experienced wildlife guide who is experienced in scouring the bush for animals. Enjoy game viewing from our open safari vehicles. These open, four wheel drive vehicles are specially adapted to provide good viewing positions for all passengers. Numerous game species are resident at on Langkloof . On the open plains you will find giraffe, kudu, eland, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, zebra, impala, red hartebeest, warthog and aardvark.

Bushbuck, waterbuck, nyala, duiker, bushpig and porcupine can be found in the ravines and mountain reedbuck and klipspringer on the more mountainous areas on the farm.

Predators include the shy leopard, caracal and most of the other smaller cat species found in the Waterberg area. Bushveld scavengers - brown hyena and black-backed jackal, are found throughout. There are numerous species of game roaming the farm but members of the “Big 5” have been excluded to make it safe to take walks in the reserve.

Watch the sun go down from the open vehicles at the “Uitkyk” and hear the sounds of the night animals as the night begins with the jackals call. Enjoy the sunset, take in the beautiful view over the farm and indulge in the quiet and peacefulness of being part of nature with family and /or friends.

Book your sunset drive in advance.


Langkloof offers the opportunity to hike among zebra, giraffe, kudu, impala, red hartebeest, buffalo, reedbuck, waterbuck, bushbuck and as well as many of the smaller mammals such as duiker, steenbok, black-backed jackal, baboon, warthog and bushpig. Viewing game on foot is a very special experience as one can often get unexpectedly close to them.
You can hike on your own or book a guide to accompany you.

Tree Identification

Langkloof is surrounded by lush bushveld vegetation. We have sourveld and sweetveld habitat. Majestic trees such as boekenhout, vaalbos, wildesering and at least 35 other tree species exist to be marveled at. Other trees such as the karoo acacia, sweet thorn, rooibos willow, blue gwharrie, elephant root, Rhodesian rubber tree and the wild pear grace the landscape.

Mountain Biking

Explore the exquiste mountain ranges of the Waterberg by mountain biking on our beautifully maintained gravel paths.
You can mountain bike on your own or book a guide to accompany you.

Trail Running

Whether preparing for a marathon or running for leisure, Langkloof is the ideal place to go for a run. Trail distances of 4km, 10km and 20km are available and include a combination of terrains such as rocky paths, thick sand and steep mountains.