Zambian Sable

The first sables were bought in September 2013 and we started with a herd of 9 heifers and 2 bulls. Langkloof also made the decision to breed pure Zambian Sables only. With the focus being on quality the original animals were sourced from well known breeders like:

• Lumarie – Jacque Malan
• Dinaka – Johan Bosch
• Thaba Tholo – Rubin Els

Langkloofs first group of heifers bought in September are all daughters of well known Sire’s. Two of the heifers bought from Dinaka are daughters of Nike, Z46 and were both pregnant with Dinaka. The other heifers bought are daughters of Dinaka, Wiele (the bull that reached top price in 2013 at the Thaba Tholo auction), Riaan (a 47” bull) and Baron. The Nike daughters Nicky and Vicky gave birth to Dinaka bull calves and we named them Appolo and Poseidon. From a very young age they werre displaying characteristics of being phenomenal breeding bulls.
Tina the heifer from Lumarie gave birth to a heifer calf named Aphrodite.

De la Rey is a young Zambian bull bought from Jacques Malan. De la Rey is the son of Monster.
He will be our breeding bull in 2016. De la Rey has settled well, seems to be as happy as a bull on his own can be.

Currently our breeding bull is Zeus. Zeus was bought from Johan Bosh and he is the son of Nike. Z46 was bought at the Stud Game Breeders auction in September 2013. Zeus was used as a breeding bull from a young age. Zeus is a fantastic breeding bull and has produced many heifer calves and cows with a distinctive red color. Despite his early breeding endeavors, Zeus today measures at least 43” inches.