Vision and Mission

Maintaining the delicate balance between man and our bio-diverse environment. Building amongst ourselves a heritage of conservation and care. To leave behind a sustainable gift for generations to come. The breathtaking environment, diverse combination of animals and peaceful solitude from busy modern life is what makes Langkloof unique.


Our unique and diverse combination of animal species is the factor that makes Langkloof exceptionally rare. Conservation of wildlife has three objectives: To maintain processes and life supporting, i.e. air, water and soil. To preserve diversity of species. To ensure continuous use of species and ecosystems for greater economic value. We strive to achieve these objectives in the often-harsh Waterberg environment.


Our dedication to the conservation of fauna, flora and water on which life depends on is an ongoing mission at Langkloof. We have a number of projects project underway in which we aim to rehabilitate the environment and ensure the protection of all indigenous species.


We are committed to connecting nature and people in a peaceful, beautiful environment.  At Langkloof we aim to give avid nature lovers the opportunity to experience the magnificent South African bushveld firsthand and obtain memories and knowledge that will remain with them forever.


About Langkloof

Langkloof is situated in the pristine Waterberg region. We are based outside of Bela-Bela in the Limpopo Province. Langkloof was first established in 2000 by Braam and Lilanie Viljoen. The farm underwent drastic rehabilitation and development during the first few years to become the beautiful farm that it now is. Langkloof Game Farm covers an area stretching 4500 hectares.

At Langkloof, we breed for more than just financial gain; striving to do our part for nature conservation and breeding quality animals with excellent bloodlines.

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On Langkloof you have the option of four different accommodation choices, ranging from a more rustic setting in our Bushcamp, all the way through to a Moroccan Riad in the Pophuis. Come and experience the feeling of relaxation and nature on Langkloof Game Farm.

Langkloof Accommodation


Whether you are just looking for a relaxing stay, or would like to get involved in more exciting activities, Langkloof has a range of activities on offer for our guests. From bird watching, game drives, and even mountain biking and trail running, there is something for everyone at Langkloof Game Farm.

Activities at Langkloof

For Sale

At Langkloof Game Farm we pride ourselves in not only breeding top game and commercial animals, but we also offer some of our very best animals to the market from time to time. See the animals that we have on upcoming auctions, as well as any animals available for private sales.

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