Our motto being “Passion Breeds Perfection” is evident in our buffalo herds and has led to our acquisition of specifically selected disease free East African Buffalo.

The first buffalo arrived at Langkloof in 2013 bought on Stud Game Breeders Auction. Storm, a son of Rocky and half-brother of the famous Conroy from Shelanti Game Reserve, was our first breeding bull and so our journey began began.

The maternal lines East African, Addo, Madikwe and Mike Englezakisi were acquired from various, well known breeders, such as: Shambala, Morningside Game Breeders, Thaba Tholo, Exotic Game Breeders and Ukujabula Game Breeders.

In 2017 a second herd was formed and Apollo, from Ukujabula, was purchased to be the herd sire. He boasts with an impressive SCI score of 133 at only 6 years old.

The breeding plan is thus;
• to breed a well-balanced animal that can survive in a free roaming environment
• to have a balanced horn shape with good Rowland Ward and a good SCI score
• with vast genetic diversification
• disease free

With our expertise, combined with our love and passion for breeding disease free buffalo, we aim to achieve perfection with our buffalo breeding program. Our buffalo continue to excite us about the future as we patiently wait and see what the results will be of combining these top sought after and rare genetics.