We started with our sable breeding project in 2013 and we now have 4 well established sable herds consisting of Zambian and Matetsi bloodlines.

We pride ourselves with being experts in the field of sable breeding with genetic selection and herd compositions.

Genetic diversification, herd unification, body size, horn length, and posture have and always will be part of our focus when acquiring animals for our herds.

Our Breeding bulls all measure in excess or are very close to 50” and have all been specially selected for their herds:
• Menerva – Piet Warren
• Groen 6 Neelis – Thaba Tholo
• Wiele Jnr – Thaba Tholo
• Poseidon (a Dinaka Son) – Langkloof

With our specific focus on genetic diversification in our selected cows and heifers, all from well-known top breeders, we are very enthusiastic about the future of our sable herds.